1wamp start

Here is all you need to start building your 1Wamp:


Bill of Materials:

Find below the complete bill of materials, with mouser/farnell references and alternatives:

      1Wamp Bill of Materials    
Reference Qty Value Description Mouser Farnell
C1 1 6.8n CAP, FILM, PET, 6.8NF, 100V, RAD R82EC1680Z350J  
C2 1 10n CAP, FILM, PET, 0.01UF, 100V, RAD R82EC2100DQ50J  
C3,C4,C6 3 47n CAP, FILM, PET, 0.047UF, 100V, RAD R82EC2470DQ60J  
C5,C11,C12 3 100n CAP, FILM, PET, 0.1UF, 100V, RAD R82EC3100DQ70J  
C7,C8,C9,C10 4 220uF Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 16V REA221M1CBK-0811P  
R12 1 10R Through Hole Metal Film, 10R, 1/4W, ± 1%   MF25 10R
R13,R15,R16 3+2* 1K Through Hole Metal Film, 1K, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 1K
R3,R8 2 2K2 Through Hole Metal Film, 2.2K, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 2K2
R2,R7,R11 3 6K8 Through Hole Metal Film, 6.8K, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 6K8
R5,R9,R10,R14 4 22K Through Hole Metal Film, 22K, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 22K
R4 1 47K Through Hole Metal Film, 47k, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 47K
R1,R6 2 1M Through Hole Metal Film, 1M, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 1M
Pot1,Pot2,Pot3 3 50K Potentiometers 9MM 50K V/ADJ RK09D113000D   
CON1, CON3 2 6.35 jack. Neutrix 1/4 stereo Chrome Conn PCB Mount NMJ6HCD2  
CON2 1 3.5 jack Jack 3.5 mm stereo - CLIFF 4 POLE, PCB MOUNT   FC68125
CONN4 1 2.1mm jack DC Power Connectors 2.0mm PCB Jack KLDX-0202-AP-LT MJ-179PH
D1 1 1N5817 Schottky Diodes Vr/20V Io/1A 1N5817  
D2 1 LED Standard LEDs - Through Hole 3MM LED WHITE VLHW4100  
D3,D4 2 1N4733A Zene Diode 5.1V 1W ZENER 1N4733A  
8pin dip socket 1 8Pin socket IC & Component Sockets 8P DUAL 4808-3000-CP  
Q1,Q2 2 J201 JFET transistors.    
Plastic Knobs 3 6.35mm knob Knob 6.35 mm shaft size. 450-2023-GRX  
SW1 1 toggle switch Toggle Switch 3-Pin SPDT ON-ON 6A 125VAC 612-100-A1111  
9V Battery Conn. 1 Battery Clip 9V Battery Snaps & Contacts "I" 5" 26AWG 121-0526/I-GR  
U1 1 LM386 Audio Amplifiers LOW VLTG AUDIO PWR AMP LM386N-4/NOPB  
PCB 1 1Wamp PCB      
Plexiglas Cover 2 - Top and Bottom protection.    
Nylon Spacer 4 m3x16 Standoffs & Spacers M3 x 16mm nylon R30-1611600  
M3x12 screws 8 -     M310-PRSTMCZ100
Batt. optional clips 2 - TAB38250568(MSTIN) TAB, 4.8X0.5MM   TAB38250568
* Additional Comp.          
R2, R7 2 10K Through Hole Metal Film 10K, 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 10K
R3, R8 2* 1K Through Hole Metal Film, 1K 250 mW, ± 1%   MF25 1K


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