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6 years 4 weeks ago - 6 years 4 weeks ago #1357 by freddylamenace

Is it possible do a ring modulator by this operation :

OUT(n) = IN(n) * SIN(t)

I tried with the sinus generator and it doesn't work!

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6 years 4 weeks ago #1360 by Ray
Replied by Ray on topic ring modulator
Hi, have a look at this:

I usually don't the multiply operator (*) because it uses a lot of resources, although the DUE capable to do that. This is the reason I use the "map" function.

The main problem with this operations is that the variables are the wrong type, make sure that OUT, IN and SIN are Long and after the multiplication, you can transform the long OUT into an int.

The best way to troubleshoot this is to output to the serial monitor port the 3 variables, so you can see what is going wrong.

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5 years 9 months ago #1493 by sarahkatezm254
Replied by sarahkatezm254 on topic ring modulator
Ya, I did the thing as Ray said n it works well. Thank you :whistle:

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