pedalSHIELD MEGA Bill Of Materials / Part List

6 years 2 months ago - 6 years 2 months ago #1285 by ElectroSmash_Team
The components are easy-to-find through-hole parts with the minimum number of references:

pedalSHIELD MEGA Bill of Materials (Text Version)

C5,C2, C7, C8, C9 - 5 Units 6.8n, ceramic cap, SR211C682MARTR1
C3, C6, C10 - 3 Units 4.7u electrolytic cap, ECE-A1EKA4R7
C1, C11 - 2 Units 100n ceramic cap, SR211C104KARTR1
C4 - 1 Units 270p ceramic cap, D271K20Y5PH63L6R
R12,R13, R10, R9, R6, R4, R3 - 7 Units 4.7K Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-4K7
R5, R7, R8 - 3 Units 100K Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-100K
R1, R2 - 2 Units 1M Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-1M
R11 - 1 Units 1M2 Resistor, 1%,1/4W MFR-25FRF52-1M2
RV1 - 1 Units 500K resistor trimmer 3319W-1-504
D1 - 1 Units Led 3mm blue blue led 3mm SSL-LX3044USBC
U1 - 1 Units TL972 pdip-8 op-amp rail-to-rail TL972IPE4
socket - 1 Units dip 8 socket socket dip8 1-2199298-2
SW1 - 1 Units 3DPT foot-switch 3PDT foot-switch 107-SF17020F-32-21RL
SW2 - 1 Units Toggle switch SPDT toggle switch 612-100-A1111
SW3, SW4 - 2 Units Push-button off-on push-button 103-1013-EVX
Conn1,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 2 Units 40 pin header 2.54 pitch pin header 710-61304011121
J1, J2 - 2 Units 1/4 Jack audio stereo 6.35mm jack NMJ6HCD2
OLED Display - 1 Units 1.3 inches, 4 pins I2C OLED Display 1.3”

The TL972 op-amp could be only replaced for another rail-to-rail op-amp like the Microchip MCP6002 or the Ti TL2272

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