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6 years 3 months ago #884 by Ray
pedalSHIELD community. was created by Ray
Hi there! I have no experience using the STM32F1board, please let us know about your progress on that.

pedalshield was aimed for people who want to start into audio effects, music programming, electronics for audio, etc. We had that in mind when we start the project and although we could use better sounding alternatives we kept the bill of materials easy to find, cheap and though hole.
We dont want to end up with an obsolete smt IC or with difficult programming codes.

I am not sure if the Foo Fighters would use a pedalshield, but maybe the guy that will program their new dsp algorithm or digital audio effect started at home with a diy pedalshield few years ago.

As you can see the comunity is still here, there are some alternatives out there but as you said expensive and not open source.

please feel welcome!

ps: I have edited the topic subject (first time ever) to be "less negative", I hope youre ok with that.

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6 years 3 months ago #885 by ucfanrg
Replied by ucfanrg on topic Is the community dead?
Ok, I see the goal of this project!

Then I look forward to make some libraries so that it is easier for people to play with it. I could make a software too to control parameters without coding (like line6 tools for thei multieffect).

I'll give you guys some news when I receive the parts and start fooling around.

ps : the topic subject/title has not changed. Feel free to rename it to whatever you think is good.

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6 years 3 months ago #887 by Ray
Replied by Ray on topic Is the community dead?
Hi again, you are very welcome to contribute and add your touch to this open source project.
We will try to assit you as much as we can.
There are some great contributors in the forum, I remember a brazilian folk that made a paper and some new effects full of high quality algorithms.
I changed the name of the subject but I have lost the first post in the process :( apologies for that, as I said it was my very first time. Anyway I think all the important information is still here.

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