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TOPIC: I still am not sure about the latest Shanks panel

I still am not sure about the latest Shanks panel 6 months 6 days ago #2311

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I still am not Nook Miles Ticket sure about the latest Shanks panel, from the Gorosei. My only guess is that Shanks has a lot of admiration as he does not actively cause death and destruction like another Yonko; maybe Shanks is also low key gate keeping Raftel along with the WG is not going to mess with him while he is busy doing that. The WG wasn't directing a manhunt after the retired Roger Pirates after each of

I don't think he is bad, I just think he knows more than we do and contains some schedule that we can not know yet which would outwardly appear pretty'bad'. Like he needs to ally with the World Government to keep the secrets of this ancient kingdom safe because he's afraid of the chaos and destruction it would cause, due to his affection for calmness. Whereas Luffy- he has got a good heart, but frankly he is not a spectacularly moral individual. He broke some of the world's worst criminals out of Impel Down without another thought because they were useful to him. He is a pirate. He is fundamentally not a very good person by the traditional criteria, unlike Shanks, so he does not care about throwing the world into chaos.

I feel like Luffys gonna have to fight shanks for some reason, team up with another member of their worst generation/supernovas, and the individual he groups with is begging na kill shanks. Luffy is gonna attempt to provide it back as shanks is dying, but he'll smile and shake his head, saying that Luffy still wants to become a great pirate before he can take it backagain. Series will end with Luffy leaving the straw hat shanks tomb after getting pirate king

I am not an Animal Crossing man but how does this work? They seem like the real characters, are those all accessories and outfits or something? Because he even buy Animal Crossing Bells has his torso open and I'm confused.
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