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TOPIC: There's nothing"casual" about them

There's nothing"casual" about them 10 months 1 week ago #2315

However, as much as if we factor in, we don't. If we are willing to wait 6-months to play with the new Madden once the actual season is over we're not the consumer they are after. I stated I would boycott, and Madden 21 coins that I did. TBF tho I have 20 and am more than pleased upgrading to habit rosters. But the internet said do not purchase it. However for 15 decades of no competition and mediocre incremental improvements, the game still sells, and they make even more off MUT now than they do off of merely selling the game. Much of the Madden crowd are people who play sports games such as it and NBA2k religiously. There's nothing"casual" about them. Just because people don't play the titles r/games loves does not mean they are lesser.

Most only purchase that sngle match Madden or 2k, time investment to do everything like badge grinding may take all your time but I think that it's easier today for to 99 and they would like you to earn multiple builds today. I play with the thing mostly every year I just dont get it in release because of the sideshow it's and it drops cost quickly. Or maybe the people that is whining on the Internet doesn't have anything to do with the population that's generally buying games such as Madden, NBA 2K and other games like this. Regardless of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins the whining people do here, these matches are nearly always very good. They constantly have like 7different game modes and approaches to play. You can stay away from all micro trades incredibly easily.
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