pedalSHIELD DUE Assembly Kit.

This is kit to assemble pedalSHIELD DUE, the Arduino Guitar Pedal. It contains:
The complete Bill of materials (including 16 Capacitors [270p(5),0.1u(6),1u,4.7u,10u(2),47u], 24 Resistors[1K(2),4.7K(3),50K,100K(12),10M(2),500K trimmer,10K Pots(3)+Knobs(3)], Diodes 1N5817(4),Blue LED,3PDT Switch,ToggleSwitch(2),40 pin stripe,Audio Jacks(2),TL072 (2),TC1044,8pin socket(3).

Printed Circuit Board + Plexiglas Plastic Cover (laser cut - transparent Color) + 4screws + 4nuts + Plastic Spacer.
All the details of the project can be found in

There is a Manual to Build the kit in 5 steps.

Not included in the kit: tools like solder iron, pliers, etc, cables (usb, power...) or Arduino Due Board.

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pedalSHIELD Bill of Materials /Parts List

ValueQtyReferencesDescriptionMouser Reference

270p5C2 C5 C8 C9 C12Ceramic Disc Capacitors140-50S5-271J-RC
0.1u6C1 C4 C6 C7 C10 C11Film Capacitors.ECQ-V1H104JL
1u1C13Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors ECE-A1HKA010
4.7u1C3Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors ECE-A1EKA4R7
10u2C14 C15Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors ECE-A1HKA100B
47uF1C18Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors REA470M1CBK-0511P

1K2R3 R21Metal Film Resistors, 1% Tol.MF1/4DC1001F
4.7K3R5 R9 R10 Metal Film Resistors, 1% Tol.MF1/4DCT52R4701F
50K1R7Metal Film Resistors, 1% Tol.MF1/4DCT52R4992F
100K12R4 R6 R8 R11 R12 R13 R14 R15 R16 R17 R19 R20Metal Film Resistors, 1% Tol.MF1/4DCT52R1003F
10M2R1 R2Metal Film Resistors, 1% Tol.RK1/4DC1005F
500K1RV1Trimmer Res. -9mm Single Turn3319W-3-504
10K3RV2 RV3 RV4Alpha Potentiometers Flat 20mmRK09L114001T
Plastic Knobs3RV2, RV3, RV4Plastic Knob +crew, Shaft:6.35mm450-2023-GRX

1N58174D1 D2 D3 D4Schottky Diodes Vr/20V Io/1A 1N5817
LED1D5Through hole, blue led.C4SMG-BJS-CQ0T0451
SWITCH_3PDT1SW13PDT True Bypass Footswitch 107-SF17020F-32-21RL
SWITCH_INV2SW2 SW3Toggle Switch SPDT612-100-A1111


JACKS2JI, J2Neutrix 1/4 stereo Chrome Conn.NMJ6HCD2

TL0722U1 U2Operational amplifier.TL072IPE4
TC10441U3Voltage switching regulator. TC1044SCPA
8PIN SOCKETS3U1, U2, U38pin DIP plastic socket.1-390261-2

Dual Layer 2x4” PCB soldermask.
Plastic Protector1
3D printed plastic cover protector.


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