1Wamp Assembly Kit.

This is kit to fully assemble 1Wamp, a 1 Watt portable amplifier. It contains:
The complete Bill of materials that is detailed below (including 2 genuine J201 JFET transistors tested, 10 Capacitors, 16 Resistors, 50K Pots(3)+Knobs(3)], Diodes, white LED, toggle Switch, 8 pin socket, Audio Jacks(2), LM386-N4, power jack.

Printed Circuit Board +  2 Plexiglas Plastic Cover (laser cut - transparent Color) + 8screws + 4 units of m3 16x3 nylon Spacer.
All the details of the project can be found in www.electrosmash.com/1Wamp

There is a Manual to Build the kit in 5 steps.

Not included in the kit: tools like solder iron, pliers, cables, etc

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Link to the List of Materials.pdf





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1Wamp KIT

  • £49.95

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